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This site presents the original music of Aziraphal; composer and producer of Progressive Symphonic Ambient - electronic music with classical and romantic influences, creator of various media soundtracks, classical pianist, Java programmer and developer of free mobile applications from Slovenia.
Show me the money!!   Last Song Posted on Soundcloud: 2015 The Wings of Passion, some piano solo romance.   

Latest News
2016/06/15: Tribute to Keith Emerson 1944-2016
  • In honor of the prog synth/piano legend I sat down with my twin bro and recorded his Barrelhouse Shakedown. Check it out...
2015/02/08: Video of the orchestral synth improvisation, Krst pri Savici
  • As mentioned, this Christmas I put on a small live synth-improvisation show for my friends. One of the songs performed was, composed and performed in real-time, a symphonic soundtrack to Krst pri Savici (The Baptism at Savica Falls), an epic historical poem by the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren (1800-1849). As February 8th is a cultural holiday in Slovenia in his honor, it seemed an appropriate time to share the video. The story of the poem is ideal for soundtrack music as it brings you heroic speeches, bloody battles, existential dilemmas and a tragic love story. Check it out on my video channel.
2014/12/18: Live synth show at Halcom Studio
  • Video montage in the making ...
2014/02/09: Published highlights of the Halcom Christmas Piano Recital
2013/11/10: 20 years of making music!
  • Re-arranged my first electronic song that was finished exactly 20 years ago: StringFantasia 2013
2013/08/06: Some refurbishing of the virtual attic
  • Created a FB 'Musician' page: The Music of Aziraphal on Facebook because I was in the mood. Do like it and share it and whatnot :) Revamped this page a little - more icons at the top pointing at the various places where the music and/or videos can be heard/seen. Embedded SoundCloud's player can be opened by clicking the icon in the "Last Song Posted" at the top.
2013/06/01: And one more victory on KVR!
  • The song Building a Cathedral was Number 1 on the KVR's monthly contest (theme: Work Songs). With, as always, yours truly on keyboards, guitar and all vocals.
2013/03/11: Triskaidekaphobia Music Video
2013/02/01: And one more victory on KVR!
  • The song Triskaidekaphobia was Number 1 on the KVR's monthly contest (theme: Free For All). A symphonic rock song with yours truly on keyboards, guitar and all vocals.
2012/10/01: After a long pause, returned and won the KVR contest again!
  • The song The Seventeen Spires Overture was Number 1 on the KVR's Voice-only themed monthly contest. A multi-part One-man A Cappella choir, based on a 15-yr old prog album sketch.
2012/06/24: Winston finally sees five fingers and accepts Big Brother .. yeah, joined Facebook.
  • I want to learn more about the soul eater so I can protect my innocent kids :) Matej Hrovat on FB. Be warned that all clubs that I joined in my life deteriorated and died within a year! Zuckerborg, take good note...
2012/05/20: Azi's Turbo Worm - ANDROID VERSION! - now available!
  • The ever-popular Snake game improvement, Azi's Turbo Worm, is now available for Android devices. Much, much improved over the old quarter-million-downloaded J2ME version! Twice as many levels, prettier worm, running chicken bonuses and, last but not least, finally totally smooth and flowing movement! Intrigued yet? [Azi's Turbo Worm on Android Market].

2011/02/05: Azi's Metronome 2 - MIDI Edition (Free J2ME Mobile Phone application) now available!
  • A much improved version of the free Mobile Metronome is finished and ready for download. Instead of triggering individual sounds, it works by generating and playing a long MIDI click track. Grab it today, then practice, practice, practice! [Official page of Azi's Metronome 2].
2010/12/24: New song posted!
  • David0129, who puts the Psalms of David to music in collaboration with various artists and presents them on Soundclick as 'Newwine', asked me (a rather long time ago) to arrange his rendering of Psalm 20, "The Lord Saveth His Anointed". He has shown an enormous amount of patience, since it took me over a year to finally come around to it, but this fall the magic finally happened.
2010/08/14: Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon (Free J2ME Mobile Phone Game) now available!
  • No new music was posted for several months, and this is the reason: I was finishing a free Mobile Phone game based on the classic Scramble scroller-shooter but with totally wacko Monty Pythonesque plot and enemies. "No new music" is therefore not entirely true - as this game has original music too! It is finished and ready for download! [Official page of Azi's Gerbil of Armageddon].

    5000 downloads 5 days 30 000 downloads in the first month ?? Dang!! Now where's all the fan mail? :D O_O
2010/04/01: First place on KVR contest again!
  • The song Milia Multa Basiorum was Number 1 on the KVR's Round composition technique contest. Based on that X-rated classic, Carmen XVI, by the great Catullus.
2009/12/17: "Freedom Unlimited" Special Edition Album
  • The CD was printed by the Halcom company as a present for the New Year's party guests. It features six remastered KVR entries plus an exclusive track, "Ghost of Athens". [more...]

2009/11/28: Live piano performance and three new songs!
  • The Two Impressions of Rwanda for solo piano posted in the Classical section. They were written for and performed live at a charity concert in Slovenian Philharmonic Hall for Rwandan school and hospital center Mukungu.
  • 3 songs from KVR contests were touch-upp'd and posted in our local Jukebox and SoundClick: The contest winner of May '09 Mephisto's Fandango, the ode to free software Freedom Unlimited and the Michael Jackson tribute, Tidal Wave.
  • Also, Eliza's Secret Dream was remastered and updated; the piano sounds much fuller now.
2009/06/17: Latest songs and KVR section update!
  • 3 songs posted in our local Jukebox and SoundClick: The epic metal Lacrimarum Resolutio, the piano elegy Eliza's Secret Dream and the outrageous Armageddon! Two of them (LR & A) are extended versions of KVR entries.
  • Most of my musical activity nowadays is focused in the KVR contest; a new song is posted there almost every month. Won the first place 4 times by now!
  • There will be a live piano performance of a new piece in the Slovenian Philharmonic Hall (to be composed till then) on September 5th as part of a charity event; more info to follow.
2009/03/31: Finished soundtrack for the children's cd "Senčna ura"
  • An educational story about the dangers of too much exposure to the sun for preschool kids written by Jelka Kadunc was published on CD that was distributed to many Slovenian kindergartens and schools. With four new instrumental songs composed by guess who. [more...]
2008/11/01: Finally won something :)
  • The song Slippin' Away was Number 1 on the KVR's Sad Songs contest. By the way, the contest entries list on this page is updated every month! [Check it out!]
  • Also added the new solo piano song, Agave Azul, in the contest area and on the Classical section.
2008/01/22: "In Search of the Harmony Horizon": Free Download
  • The 1999 instrumental album with music that is often heard on Slovenian National TV during intermissions is available as a free download, all 10 tracks in high quality 256 kbps! [more...]
  • Also, links to 3 YouTube Videos in Soundtracks and Classical sections.
2007/12/30: New Song Posted!
  • TransGalactica, available from [Soundclick] and our local Free Jukebox. Stream it often from SC, yours truly needs the precious chart points. Thanks :)
2007/12/01: The annual Garritan Christmas CD now available!
  • Including Aziraphal's symphonic arrangement of Gregor Rihar's Pokonci Narodi (Nations Awake) [more...].
2007/09/05: Azi's Turbo Worm (Free J2ME Mobile Phone Game) now available!
  • This is, surprisingly, a non-musical news item: A free Mobile Phone game based on the classic Snake written by Aziraphal is finished and ready for download! [Official page of Azi's Turbo Worm].
2007/06/28: New Song Posted
  • The Boots of Freedom, available from [Soundclick] and our local Free Jukebox.
2007/06/04: Three songs for sale
  • Three songs can now be purchased at SoundClick for only $0.99 each. The Mirrors of Apollo from the latest CD and Parts 2 and 3 of the Paradise Trilogy from the album Legends. See the Soundclick page.
2007/05/06: New Song Posted
  • A Requiem for Hina Ichigo, available from [Soundclick] and our local Free Jukebox.
2007/01/20: New Song Posted
  • Ice and Sun, available from this site's Song List and Soundclick.
2006/12/01: Free Garritan Community Christmas CD (Volume III) now available!
  • This year once again with Aziraphal's symphonic arrangement of a Slovenian Christmas carol among the other participants. Now available for download on Garritan site. [more...]
2006/10/12: The new album, "The Little Match Girl", available from CDBaby and iTunes!
  • See the Solo Projects and Contact page for ordering details and demos [more...]

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